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Is our right to carry a firearm in our gun purses at risk?

Select from four wonderful colors of Gun Purses!The team here at the Gun Purse Store is closely following the national debate over gun control. And how it might affects your right to carry handgun in purses. You can follow the national discussion and other 2nd Amendment rights issues by checking out our blog. As time permits we will also try to cover everything from concealment purse reviews to concealed carry training.


2nd Amendment News – Florida Teachers Getting Armed

I was reading an article on, written by the Palm Beach Post, about the teachers in Palm Beach County that are starting to sign up for concealed carry weapons permit training in order to obtain their concealed weapons permit. The Palm Beach Post stated that it was in response to the awful shootings in Sandy Hook.

My opinion is, that if some of the teachers were trained carry a handgun and were able to carry their weapon on campus, many these tragic deaths could have been prevented. Most of us  would agree that something should be done to prevent anymore irresponsible or sick people from getting their hands on firearms and causing anymore deaths?

Effective Conceal Carry Methods

There are a number of different concealment methods that are effective for concealing a firearm and women in particular have the advantage of concealing their handgun in a purse. Some of these methods are better than others depending on your particular needs.

You may find that an external holster is too obvious. And depending on where you live, it may not be legal to carry your handgun in an exposed manner. That being said, there are several other methods for carrying your handgun under your clothing using special holsters. The draw back here though for women is that most wear clothing that is close-fitting. This makes it awkward and impractical to hide anything like a handgun under their clothing. The bulge would be much too obvious. Our concealment gun purses are a great solution for these concealment issues. They are available in several different styles and colors.

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